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Turn key solutions to Internet of Things deployments

RadarIQ is building a range of cloud-connected sensors. In order for these sensors to work, they need to send data to servers in the cloud, where it can then be processed, stored, and presented either to users directly or to other computer systems such as in-house ERP systems.

The RadarIQ suite of cloud connected sensors uses the cellular network to communicate. Both the CAT-M1 and NB-IoT networks are supported out of the box. Most countries telco-providers have deployed one of these networks. The RadarIQ sensor work for both.

Once the data is sent from the sensor, it must go somewhere. The RadarIQ sensors have three options for where data can be sent:

  • To the RadarIQ cloud proxy service
  • To a specific application portal on the RadarIQ cloud
  • To customers own servers directly bypassing the RadarIQ cloud completely

The RadarIQ cloud is designed to securely accept data from all RadarIQ sensors, where it is then processed. The RadarIQ cloud also takes care of device management.

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