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RadarIQ Grain Cloud Portal

RadarIQ Grain Cloud Portal

The RadarIQ Cloud for Grain is a turn-key solution to grain silo monitoring. We know building IoT solutions is hard and it would be much easier to just install the sensor and use a pre-built service that takes care of all the hard stuff, enabling you to focus on adding value to your business.




RadarIQ Cloud for Grain
 includes all aspects of device management, receiving and processing of data. It also has grain-specific algorithms for processing the data in a way that makes sense to grain distributors and consumers.

Individual Customers

Are you a farmer or grain grower with silos you'd like measured? The RadarIQ Cloud for Grain platform is a great solution to your needs. Use the hardware is easy to install and for a monthly fee, you get access to your data.


Are you a grain distributor looking for a monitoring solution? The RadarIQ Cloud for Grain is the ideal platform. With dashboards specifically designed for distributors to see the contents of all silos they are responsible for filling, across many customer sites.

  • Optimize logistics and save delivery costs.
  • Make customers sticky by providing a service competitors cannot.
  • Give customers logins so they can see their own silo levels.
  • Brand the portal with your own logo and colors.
  • Integrate with your computer systems using API


If you're interested in the Radar IQ Grain Cloud Portal, or keen to know more about how our products may fit with your requirements, please get in touch below.

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