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RadarIQ Industrial Cloud Portal

RadarIQ Industrial Cloud Portal

The RadarIQ Cloud for Industry is a turn-key solution for basic monitoring services. We know building IoT solutions is hard and it would be much easier to just install the sensor and use a pre-built service that takes care of all the hard stuff, enabling you to focus on adding value to your business.




RadarIQ Cloud for Industry includes all aspects of device management, receiving and processing of data. 

Individuals & Businesses

The RadarIQ Cloud for Industry is the ideal platform. With dashboards designed capturing data from RadarIQ sensors and displaying the data on dashboards. This service can be used to report data from whatever product your are monitoring. This is in ideal solution for automation engineers.

  • Simplify monitoring by using one platform
  • Monitor data quality and sensor health
  • Integrate with your computer systems using API 

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RadarIQ-M1 Sensor

Radar-based sensor for accurately detecting objects in 3D space, using the latest in 60GHz FMCW radar technology to detect multiple objects simultaneously. The sensor measures the X, Y, and Z coordinates of objects as well as their instantaneous velocity, and can see through materials such as plastic, glass, or drywall... making it easy to conceal.

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