Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of power requirements does the sensor have?

The sensor runs on 5V and uses 400mA.


What are the sensor dimensions?

The sensor is 55mm x 55mm x 10mm.


What kind of mounting options will be available?

The sensor has two M3 threaded mounting holes which can be used to mount the sensor.

Where is the antenna?

The sensor has a PCB antenna. There is no option to use an external antenna (as an external antenna would require different certification)

What is the device's peak RF power out?

We have not had this officially tested yet, but permissible limits under the FCC regulations section 15.255 state that "the peak transmitter conducted output power shall not exceed −10 dBm and the peak EIRP level shall not exceed 10 dBm". We anticipate that the RadarIQ sensor will work right at that limit.


What type of radar is this?

This uses an frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) design.


Is the object tracking functionality capable of simultaneously tracking multiple objects?

Yes. The sensor can track multiple objects at once.

What is the maximum range of the sensor?

The sensor is configured to a maximum range of 10m. The sensor technology is capable of detecting at a much larger range, but the trade off with this is that the detection resolution decreases which is why we have chosen to limit the maximum range of this sensor.

What is the maximum speed the sensor can measure?

The maximum speed the sensor can measure is 8m/s (29km/h). The sensor is capable of measuring at faster speeds, however there are trade-offs in enabling faster speed measurement which means in other situations the sensor would not perform as well which is why we have chosen to limit the maximum speed of the sensor.

Distance and Velocity

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