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RadarIQ brings you the Next Generation of Object Sensing and Robotic Vision.

RadarIQ sensors are designed to simplify the task of object avoidance.

Object detection, path planning, tracking, navigation, and SLAM are now easier than ever with RadarIQ's intelligent sensing.

RadarIQ sensors are also remarkable at accurately measuring distance, velocity, movement, and can even see through walls!


RadarIQ intelligent sensing detect and track multiple objects

Detect & Track Multiple Objects at Once

Continuously measure distance, speed, direction, position, and size of objects. Track many objects at once as well as differentiating between people, and stationary objects.

RadarIQ intelligent sensing 110 degrees of vision

110 Degrees of Vision

Remove the limitation of only being able to detect objects directly ahead. The 110° field of view makes looking around easy.

See Through Walls

Give your projects "x-ray vision". mmRadar waves can penetrate through walls enabling RadarIQ sensors to see what is on the other side of obstacles such as glass, acrylic, fibre and plaster.

RadarIQ intelligent sensing drones through smoke

Difficult Environments

Sense in difficult environments. Smoke and fog are invisible. Bright light or darkness is no problem for the RadarIQ sensor.

Object Avoidance

Use sophisticated object avoidance algorithms with the wide range of quality data provided from the RadarIQ module.

Path Planning

Use the data from the RadarIQ sensor to perform path planning, even when there are hidden obstacles in the way.

Give your Projects "X-ray Vision"


RadarIQ products have a wide range of applications. The possibilities are endless.

RadarIQ intelligent sensing for 110 degrees of robotic vision

Robotic Vision

Enhance the vision capabilities of robots. The RadarIQ-MK1 sensor has a 110 degree field of view and can detect many objects at once, as well as accurately measure their position. With code samples for Windows, Linux, Arduino and ROS, it is easy to get started.

RadarIQ intelligent sensing track robots' positions

Track Position

Use the data from RadarIQ's module to keep track of movements. The precise position and speed data can be used to build up a detailed history.

Harsh Environments

RadarIQ's sensor performs well in difficult or dirty environments such as farming, agriculture, or dusty industrial processes.


Camera and Lidar sensors are the most common to combine mmRadar with. 
Every type of sensor has its own strengths and weaknesses, but the collective information from a sensor combination is more powerful than either sensor alone.

Comparison of Lidar abilities with mmRadar

Comparison of Stereo Camera abilities with mmRadar



RadarIQ is designed to be very easy to use. All the complexities of radar is taken care of by the module. All you need to do is plug it in and watch the magic happen.

Sample Programs

RadarIQ comes with a range of sample programs to help you get started with some of the more advanced applications. These are available via our github account.

Range of Platforms

RadarIQ is designed to work with a range of common platforms such as ROS, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Windows, and Linux. Drivers and Libraries are available in Python and C languages.


Need help, want to share your project with the community, or suggest a feature? The RadarIQ forum is a place for makers to get together and support each other.

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