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Detection and Tracking

This sensor uses the latest in 60GHz FMCW radar technology to continuously measuring distance, speed, direction, position, and the size of multiple objects simultaneously.

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Harsh | Difficult Environments

Clean, dirty, steamy, and foggy environments are no problem for RadarIQ sensors. They perform well in challanging environments such as agriculture dusty industrial and manufacturing processes.

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See through walls & enclosures

A unique feature of radar is its ability to penetrate through materials such as walls or enclosures allowing it to be securely installed out of the way.

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Distance and Velocity

River Level Sensing, Silo Monitoring, Wave Measurement, Industrial Automation - We produce reliable Radar Solutions for robust measuring in indoor and outdoor environments.

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Configurable field of view

The M1 sensor has an adjustable field of view all the way up to 110 degrees.

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Our sensors accurately measure distance, velocity, movement, and can even see through walls!

  • "We found the RadarIQ sensor really easy to integrate into our ROS-based farm robot. It is simple to use and works very well.  It is a great addition to our product and enables us to achieve a much higher degree of reliability."
    Jeremy Rowe C-Dax Ltd