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The RadarIQ-M1 (Mark 1) is the flagship product for RadarIQ.


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RadarIQ offers an intelligent radar tool for engineers and hobbyists with its state of the art radar sensor that is simple to integrate into a product.

Tracking Objects with Advanced Sensing

    • Track and detect multiple objects at once.
      • Continuously measure distance, speed, direction, position, and size of multiple objects.
    • Sophisticated object avoidance.
        • Object avoidance algorithms are possible using the wide range of quality data provided from the RadarIQ module.
      • Path planning.
        • Plan an optimal path with the RadarIQ module's advanced data set, even when there are hidden obstacles in the way.

        Advanced Robotic Vision

          • NEW! "See" (sense) through solid objects.
            • Give your projects x-ray vision with mmRadar waves that can penetrate through walls to sense what is on the other side of obstacles such as glass, perspex, fiber and drywall (excludes metal and solid wood). 
          • NEW! Difficult environments.
            • Smoke and fog are invisible, and bright light or darkness is no problem for the RadarIQ sensor.
          • 110 degrees of vision.
            • No need for motors making sensors rotate to get a wide angle view as the 110° field of view makes looking around easy.
            • Sub-mm accuracy.
              • RadarIQ sensors are capable of sub-mm accuracy, making it ideal for precision measurements.

            Easy Plug-and Play

              • RadarIQ-MK1 has been designed for ease of use.
                • RadarIQ's module does all the heavy lifting for you -  complex math and trade-offs are taken care of. All you need to do is plug it in and watch it work.
              • Sample programs.
                • RadarIQ-MK1 comes with a range of sample programs to help you get started with some of the more advanced applications. These will be available via our github account.
              • Range of platforms.
                • Windows, Linux, OSX, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and ROS are supported through either a USB connection or direct wiring via serial. 
              • Radar optimized enclosure.
                • The RadarIQ-MK1 enclosure is specifically designed as a radome to provide minimal interference with measurements.