RadarIQ-M1 Sensor
RadarIQ-M1 Sensor

RadarIQ-M1 Sensor

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This product will be available for purchase from this site after our Kickstarter campaign.

The RadarIQ sensor is an affordable mmWave radar sensor designed for robotics and industrial applications.

Key features:

  • Detect moving objects easily.
  • Accurately measure speed.
  • Accurately measure distance.
  • Can see through walls and can therefore be installed inside an enclosure.
  • Impervious to low visibility environments such as fog or smoke.
Key applications:
  • Obstacle/obstruction detection
  • Object detection
  • Object tracking
  • Speed measurement
  • Distance measurement
  • Fusion with vision sensors
  • 1x RadarIQ-M1 Sensor
  • 1x 0.5m serial cable
  • 1x 0.5m USB cable

Supported platforms:
  • Arduino (Arduino requires external power supply)
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • MacOS
Product Highlights:
  • Range: 0-10m
  • Frequency: 60-64GHz
  • Horizontal field of view: 110 degrees
  • Vertical field of view: 15 degrees
  • Frame rate: 1-30 frames per second
  • Speed range: 0-3m/s
  • Minimum distance between objects: 40mm
  • Power consumption: 5V 0.38A (0.48 peak)
  • Communications:
    • Virtual COM port over USB
    • TTL UART
  • Certification: CE and FCC certification pending
Important notes:
  • The 60-64GHz frequency range is not permitted for use in automotive applications.
  • The sensor must be used at distances greater than 20cm away from a human body.