Need to see through walls or in difficult environments? One of the unique properties of radar is the ability to see right through obstacles. This not only includes things like fog or smoke but also solid objects like walls.

One of the strengths of radar technology is its unique ability to detect objects in 3D space. This makes it ideal to use as part of a robotic navigation system. Radar can detect many objects simultaneously, and report the distance, angle, and velocity of each, something lidar and cameras struggle to do. Radar's strength match the weaknesses of lidar and cameras making them a perfect combination sensor.



 Radar can track moving objects really well, for example, tracking people or vehicles. The RadarIQ module has 110° vision and is designed with plug-and-play integration for ROS, PC, Raspberry Pi and Arduino.


Distance and Velocity

River Level Sensing, Silo Monitoring, Wave Measurement, Industrial Automation - We produce reliable Radar Solutions for robust measuring in indoor and outdoor environments.

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